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We are disrupting the market with a game-changing brand of raw and authentic experience. We find passion in the primal urge for adventure, creating and for taking risks as well as living present in the moment where life is happening. Grounded by just nature and a drive to inspire change in the lives of America’s 37 million adult smokers, Primus is an extension of our mission to create delicious, high quality products at affordable prices to provide an alternative to current & former smokers all over the country that have chosen to switch to vaping.

Our Story

Launched in 2015, we are family-owned and operated in Buffalo, New York. Western New York is home to some of the most popular e-liquid brands in the country, and is known for some of the best food as well. The connection is flavor, and there is something about our home that inspires passion for it. With our former goal of quitting cigarettes and being unsatisfied by many of the flavor options available at the time, we began researching and experimenting with the best quality ingredients to mimic some of our favorite flavor combinations. After months of rigorous testing our unique, diverse range of e-liquid was born.

Our Products

Our flavors are an extension of ourselves and are crafted to be a one of a kind experience; to create the sense of bliss we recognize from a familiar taste or smell that in the moment can bring us back to some of our most inspiring and stimulating moments. We believe this level of satisfaction is vital in choosing a product that works for you. Made with an obsessive attention to detail, all of our flavors are original and crafted by us, and each is finely balanced to bring out the best of each ingredient. Sweet, savory, bitter, sour all counteract each other to achieve dynamic yet harmonious flavors.

Our Vision

Through our personal experience in becoming more health conscious as we grow, we found ourselves fascinated with some of the preliminary studies and the testimonies showing the potential benefits of hemp products and CBD in the everyday lives of people suffering from issues such as chronic pain & inflammatory diseases, to anxiety, insomnia and more. 

Upon learning about the body’s endocannabinoid system, how the system is interconnected with many parts of the body such as brain and organs (lungs, liver, colon, pancreas, reproductive organs and more), connective tissues, glands and immune cells, which are involved in regulating a large variety of functions in the body including sleep, appetite, pain and immune system response, we began to see the potential benefits of hemp and CBD not only in 

helping manage current conditions but as supplements and components that could be incorporated into daily life to help maintain homeostasis in these systems. 

Using our experience in crafting delicious e-liquid, we began testing various blends containing CBD and testing extracts from all over the country in search of the highest quality, and after months of refinement Primus CBD was created! Our products contain no THC, and are provided at some of the best prices on the market. Stay tuned as we continue to grow our selection of products and information. To see more information about CBD, see our information page here. To try our products, check out our CBD store here.

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