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Prickly Pear – 120ml

(2 customer reviews)


A bright, exotic fruity flavor like nothing you’ve vaped before. Juicy, mouthwatering notes of cactus (prickly) pear shine with each puff while ripe watermelon and light dragonfruit sweeten the exhale.

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A bright, exotic fruity flavor like nothing you’ve vaped before. Juicy, mouthwatering notes of cactus (prickly) pear shine with each puff while ripe watermelon and light dragonfruit sweeten the exhale.

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 1.625 × 1.625 × 5.1875 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

2 reviews for Prickly Pear – 120ml

  1. Matthew Scott

    I ordered the sample pack after trying the Prickly Pear a friend of mine had. These are some of the best flavors i’ve tried! Ordering full size bottles as we speak

  2. Jay Rego

    Awesome job guys, I’m looking forward to trying your other flavors!

  3. James Filing

    Love this juice going to be ordering the 120ml,probably should of did it from the beginning!

  4. Melody Norton

    Love this juice on the inhale is a blast of sweet watermelon the other fruits come through perfectly blended on the exhale. I would recommend to anyone who likes a sweet water mellon

  5. Mark

    Majorly impressed with this flavor. Yum 😋. This could easily become an all day option.

  6. Alyssa

    I’m always super picky about what juice i vape. And the owner of the vape shop i went to yesterday told me that this was delicious. And i love fruity juices. So i bought it. And i am absolutely IN LOVE with this. It is honestly the BEST flavor of juice I’ve ever had. I am so happy with this juice. Very potent, but not too much. Just the right amount. And it does have kind of a bubblegum hint. Which definately is not bad at all. But anyways, this juice is wonderful

  7. Jason

    Unbelievable. I originally made my purchase for riptide razz and picked this just to try thinking “why not”, and I’m glad I did. Customer for life.

  8. brandon privitera

    i love riptide razz. but my local b&m ran out. so the manager suggested this. i tried it. its not my cup of tea but is flavorful. seems like a hint of cooler or menthol i get. the watermelon i get a good smell of but i do not taste it. i may not purchase this again but i still love the company..great juice and great quality.

  9. chrisbenham02

    Prickly pear is probably the best overall juice I personally have ever tried its my all day vape I will be a life long consumerof this particular juice not to mentionthe awesome customer service and super fast shipping great job primal liquid company

  10. seanajasinski

    Ordered a 120 of prickly pear and smackaroon. Started with prickly pear and haven’t had the chance to try smackaroon yet. More about prickly pear…. the aroma is intoxicating. On inhale I get the sweetness of the watermelon and exhale you get the tangy/tart ,mildly sweet flavors of the different prickly pears. I was really excited to try both, but I’ve been stuck on prickly pear since it arrived in the mail today. Very smooth, no harshness to this at all. Will definitely be ordering more in the near future. My favorite flavor to date.

  11. Drew.ash95

    Another flavor that primal hit right on the head. Most other companies can’t get watermelon right. It’s either way too damn sweet, it’s not noticeable enough in their combo, or for some reason a lot like to pair it with menthal. Primal nailed this melon prickly pear combo. The watermelon is full flavor right from the moment you press your fire button. The prickly pear comes around after to balance it with a more mellow sweet. The aroma afterwards will have your friends wondering where you got it. If you like sweet, well rounded, easy to vape fruity liquids, this is the one to buy.

  12. Lucas

    Taste great, smells great, and is easy on the coils. This sets the standard for what juice should be. I’ve been hooked on this for months now. Any time I take a break and try something new, I find myself wanting to return to the prickly pear asap.

  13. tyler.durham.tn

    Unique. Smooth. Lovely. A great all day vape!

  14. Brock

    I absolutely love this been vaping it around a year and cannot get away from it great all day vape!

  15. Michell

    Great juice, great flavor. It got four stars for two reasons 1) it reminds me more of watermelon than anything else 2) the bottle for the 120 is pretty big around so it’s hard to get into my tank without a mess. Overall though, solid juice and good value.

  16. Jess

    This juice rocks my socks! Been trying to find something I could stick to and this is it. It’s so light and delicious. Doesn’t hurt my throat and make me feel icky at all like some other brands and flavors. My coil is happy too. It lasts much longer than it used too. Nice clouds and smell too. Mmmmm love this. Want to try some others from Primus but not sure I can take a break from my Prickly Pear.

  17. Michael

    As someone who has lived his whole life in the Sonoran Desert, I have seen countless products come and go that claim to be prickly pear flavored, only to taste like some awful boysenberry knockoff. This juice is the real deal, the company clearly did their research.

    The watermelon is light and crisp on the inhale, and it complements (but doesn’t overpower) the prickly pear flavor. Anyone who’s had a prickly pear fruit before knows what funky, sweet, sour taste to expect, and I got exactly the taste I was hoping for as I finished exhaling. The flavor does linger on your palette for a while, and produces nice thick vapor out of my modest Vapresso tank. If you’re like me and prefer strong, bold fruit flavors, this is an awesome all day vape, no matter what the weather is like. I have a friend who likes his juices more on the mild side, and even he bought a bottle for after dinner vaping after I let him try mine.

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