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Razzberry Rush – 120ml

(4 customer reviews)


The ultimate blue raspberry experience. Sweet blueberry, tart raspberry and juicy blue raspberry hard candy smoothly balanced into a unique flavor that never tires the tongue.

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The ultimate bitter sweet blueberry raspberry experience. Delectably sweet, wild blueberry and juicy blue raspberry candy delight the tastebuds as the more tart raspberry notes subtly and smoothly balance the exhale. The body and texture of the flavor stand out as it’s flagship success.

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 1.625 × 1.625 × 5.1875 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

4 reviews for Razzberry Rush – 120ml

  1. Alex Varela

    first time ordering from your site, i was a little reluctant as the last time i bought a cheap bottle i threw it away before half. i ordered the riptide razz, and i think i found my new favorite juice! great stuff

  2. Bryan Mitchell

    I just received my 1st order. A friend of mine had me try his Riptide Razz and I had to order some myself! So smooth and the flavor is amazing. I will definitely be ordering again!

  3. Dylan Carlino

    Loved the riptide razz soo much I finished it in a week and a half…..just ordered the honey viper and some more riptide I love this company

  4. Zachary Brantley

    This is my favorite flavor of all time. I wish the bottle was better. I have had the top come off and spilled juice everywhere. Overall great job.

  5. Zach

    Very similar to steamjunks ghostberry. But way cheaper and better in my opinion picked up a bottle at the vape shop today very good

  6. agarz166

    Worst juice I’ve ever tried!! What’s up with all these great reviews! I bought this since everyone reviewed it as being so great.

  7. Jason

    Amazing flavor. Great for all day vaping. I will continue to purchase in the future. It’s hard finding 120ml of this quality at this price.

    From sitting in the cart to my mailbox in 4 days. Kudos.

  8. brandon p

    amazing flavor. i picked some up at my local b&m. i was a little hesitant only because of the last 2 recommendations were terrible, but they nailed with with. Blue raspberry is my go to ADV. so when i tried this and got the raspberry flavor with a seems like a hint of citrus..but not overpowering. it is amazing. and for the price you cant go wrong. you will not find a better quality vape and flavor for the money. sure you can find cheaper but but not on this level of ingredients and for being 80-20vg/pg nothing comes through as flavorful. they have a new customer for life.

  9. Billy

    Great juice! It was recommended to me because I’ve been using ghost berry for awhile now. Think I like this better, but either way very similar overall except for the price. Hard to beat.

  10. j l

    great vape. great price. dont overpay for ghostberry. very comparable

  11. j l

    great vape. great price. dont overpay for ghostberry. very comparable

  12. Alex

    Best juice ever. High quality juice that does not get too heavy after multiple tanks. Have ordered like 5 120mL bottles so far.

  13. Jason Conrad

    Been vaping for about a year now… Realized once you get the right mod with subohm tank, you realize the great liquids. This is one of them THANKS!!!!

  14. Drew.ash95

    I’m very picky when it comes to vape flavors. I find it hard to finish most bottles before I either decide a don’t like it or get bored with the flavor. In the past I’ve only found 2 other flavors that I’ve gotten more than one bottle of before moving on to the next in a seemingly endless line of flavor choices. That being said this flavor ROCKS! If you like full flavor fruity vapes that hit just right in the throat while it lights up your taste buds with tangy blueberries and sweet raspberries then this flavor is for you! It’s very light on the coils, I can go a month and a half on the same one sometimes. It’s smooth. And best of all the flavor never gets boring. I’ve been vaping this one straight for 6 months now and I will continue to to order this flavor until they change the recipe or stop production. You’ve made a life customer with this one Primal. Good. On you.

  15. Scott-Michael Kellar

    I must’ve been the only person 1.5ml. This is the only liquid I vape. Such a clean vape. I use cotton bacon prime I it stays white for about 2 weeks. I love this juice. Make a cranberry verse of this please.

  16. Shawn

    I know this flavor was made to mimic the ghost Berry. Had the ghostberry not only is it more expensive for the smaller bottle. It don’t taste near as good as this one. This is my all-time favorite vaping juice

  17. Craig Heier

    This has been my ADV (all day vape) for going on 3 years. I will not buy anything else.

  18. Matt Miller (verified owner)

    By far the best juice I have ever purchased. My coils seem to last longer and the flavor is exceptional! This company is doing it right. Nice work!

    • tony (verified owner)

      Thank you Matt! We’re glad you’re loving it!

  19. Ron Amen

    Raspberry rush is in my opinion the best vape juice money can buy, it is my understanding it is the exact recipe of what used to be called ghostberry from another company until primus bought the recipe. Amazing, glad you guys kept the flavor alive.

    • tony

      The flavor was actually developed it in house! It’s a bit different, and uses no sweeteners. Glad you’re enjoying it!

  20. Matt

    The flavor is fine. It’s advertised as “razzberry” but definitely tastes more like blueberry, and upon further investigation (which I didn’t want to do at the store and pester the employees more), it is blueberry and raspberry, but not advertised as such, so it’s pretty misleading.

    Continuing, this liquid vaporizes at least twice as fast as other liquids I’ve tried, and it leaks from the pod I use at a significantly higher rate.

    I swear I’m filling my pod a minimum of twice a day with this juice when with other juices, it’s been maybe once a day, occasionally twice. I’ve had it for like 4 days and I’m a fifth of the way through the bottle already.

    I usually try to keep the pod filled at least 25% as when it gets below that, possibly due to the pressure inside, or lack thereof, causes it to leak. Using this liquid, I’m hitting my device a couple dozen times, I check and it’s around 50% full, I take 10 more hits, and suddenly it’s below where I want it to be, and it starts leaking. This problem has been significantly worse with this liquid than other ones I’ve used.

    The leaking as well as getting used up way faster leads me to believe this juice is significantly diluted somehow compared to other brands. Upon further investigation online, it’s probably because it uses more PG (first ingredient on their list) than VG. This is unlike the other juices I’ve used where this is reversed. If you like that then go for this juice but if you’d rather get your money’s worth, get something else.

    I will not be purchasing from them again.

    • tony

      Hi Matt, sorry to hear you had some complaints about the liquid. As you can see here on our site https://primusvape.co/product/razzberry-rush-120ml/ the Razzberry Rush flavor is most certainly marketed as blueberry and raspberry, as the product image and description (as well as the flavor description located on the site of the bottle) all note that it is a blueberry / rasperry mix.

      PG is not in a higher concentration than other liquids, this particular flavor is a 70VG 30PG base. PG is also more expensive than VG, to note if you believe it is diluted for some sort of cost saving measure. If you are having issues with leaking I suggest using a different tank as that is not a common issue by any means, and has never been mentioned to us in the past.

      Most liquids will leak from a pod when it is below 25% full, that is not unique to our liquid or this product. This is an e-liquid intended for open system tank devices, so having a plastic pod with less a less sturdy seal than a stainless steel tank is most likely the issue.

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